AP-411 Lip Sync Corrector


AP-411 Lip Sync Corrector is a compact device used to correct audio/video timing mismatches that result in the loss of synchronization of the two components of A/V program content. Since this problem is virtually always caused by the program's video component arriving after the audio component, the AP-411 Lip Sync Corrector provides up to 300 milliseconds of delay for the audio component to restore A/V synchronization to the program material. Excellent specification of >80dB S/N plus <-70dB of crosstalk and <0.01% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD-N) are coupled with a 48kHz sample rate to provide superior performance under demanding conditions. Inputs up to 2Vrms are accepted and the output level is a maximum of 2Vrms. The unit requires only 5VDC for operation and consumes only 0.5 watt of power. An AC Adapter is provided.

AP-411 Features and Specs
  • Resynchronizes program audio to video
  • Sample rate of 48kHz
  • Accepts Input levels up to 2V/rms
  • Provides Output levels to 2V/rms
  • >80db S/N, <-70dB Crosstalk, <0.01% THD-N

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