CDM-630 Standards Converter


CDM-630 Standards Converter provides high quality conversion in a very small, palm-size package, at a remarkably affordable price. Convert between numerous worldwide NTSC, PAL and SECAM broadcast television standards. The integral Time Base Corrector stabilizes the incoming video. High performance is achieved by using digital conversion in the encoding and decoding process. An automatic gain circuit insures that the proper video output level of 1V p-p is maintained, even when the input signal varies between 0.5V and 2.0V p-p.

Key Features of the CDM-630
  • Composite Video In and Out
  • Automatic Detection of Input Signal Standard
  • Built-in TBC for signal stabilization
  • Built-in Automatic Gain Control to insure 1V p-p Output
  • Full Digital Decoding/Encoding
  • Field Conversion and Line Conversion

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CDM-630 Iso   CDM-630 Rear
CDM-630   CDM-630 Rear Panel