Scan Converters (Down Converters)


Down Converters are also called Scan Converters or VGA-to-Video Converters and transform higher resolution computer images into lower resolution video images.  This is done for applications that require a computer image to be recorded on a standard VCR or displayed on a standard TV Set.  Normal television systems are much lower in resolution than typical computer signals. Computers can produce up to three times as many horizontal lines as standard analog television resolutions.  Scan Conversion is the process of fitting a higher number of lines of information into a lesser number of available spaces, so the converted image quality may not be as good as the original.

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Product Description
Computer to Video Scan Converter – Resolutions up to UXGA to CV and SV
HDTV Down Converter with Aspect Ratio Selection, Over/Underscan
YPbPr Component Video to Composite and S-Video Down Converter
HDMI to Composite, S-Video and Stereo Audio Down Converter
CS-320 Connect - Scan Converter for PC & Mac with AutoSet, Zoom, Freeze
CS-450 Eclipse - Scan Converter w Genlock/Overlay for PC/Mac 4 Operational Modes: Scan Converter, Genlock, Overlay, Mix, CV & SV Output

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